Document360 updates
Document360 updates

October 2022 - Version 8.9 - New feature and Improvements


Release Update


New feature

Health check metrics

There are some great insights in this feature about the article's health. This feature is available only for articles and category pages of the English language. 2_Screenshot-Health_check_metrics_UI

  1. Go to the desired article in the Documentation
  2. Click Health check metrics

If you update any parameter with the 'Health check metrics blade' open, click Check now to view the insights of the latest changes.

It has two sections: SEO metrics and Readability metrics.

  • SEO metrics shows the insights of the article's SEO metrics. This metric help assess the parameters such as

    • Meta title length
    • Meta description length
    • External links
    • Internal links
    • Featured image.
  • Readability metrics shows the insights on the article's readability. This metric help assess the parameters such as

    • Readability score
    • Paragraph length
    • Sentence length
    • Sub-heading distribution.

Based on the optimal condition, each parameter will be narrowed down under one of the following sections:

  • Problems
  • Suggestions
  • Good work

Every writer would love this feature as it saves time checking the article metrics. Not just writers but the SEO team in your organization can also benefit from the SEO metrics. With the easy navigation for adding/updating meta titles, meta descriptions, and featured images, you can swiftly jump into the respective sections.

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Bulk operations

Earlier, you could view only 200 articles on the bulk operations page. Now, you can view all the articles available in the selected version/language. This improvement helps you perform actions in the desired articles without hassle.


Other improvements

Minor performance, bug fixes, and security improvements can also be observed in the knowledge base portal and knowledge base site.