Document360 updates
Document360 updates

Localization, Document360 Drive, Crowdin and Drift extensions, and more


Release Update



Feature Releases


Document360 now comes with complete localization as a major feature update. By offering your brand experience and support in a language that feels familiar, both existing and potential customers are much more likely to engage with your knowledge base content and reduce churn rate. Localizing your Home page and your knowledge base would eliminate many hindrances faced by your customers in understanding and connecting with your business, as opposed to single language website and documentation. The translation of your categories can either be done manually, with generic machine translation (MT) option, or translation extensions like Crowdin.

There’s much more to gain from localizing your Document360 knowledge base than just translated articles. You would be able to customize functionalities, articles, and URL slug in the intended languages. This would mean the content is either just translated from the original language or content is modified to better suit the target audience. The graphics, colors, and the aesthetics of your pages, fonts, and images can also be modified.

Apart from the content and visual elements, there other parameters like units of measures, currencies, local formats for addresses, dates, communication addresses, and more.



A new and improved repository for your entire digital assets is here. Sync, organize, backup, and work with your folders and digital file formats like images, videos, audios, documents, and many other formats.
You can upload your digital assets to Drive using the simple interfaces on your Document360 project dashboard. The way the Drive works is similar to most well-known cloud storage platforms and a no brainer to get used to. Also, your Drive size limit would be based on the monthly plan you’ve chosen.

New Extensions


Crowdin a cloud-based localization aide, that helps your Document360 knowledge base with a multilingual machine translation of categories and articles. The integration of Crowdin extension with Document360 provides an array of possibilities in context to high quality and near-perfect translations. This helps companies cater to a multi-linguistic clientele much more susceptible to your business.

The integration is pretty straight-forward and can be easily achieved with the aid of our installation guide. And the translation interfaces after integration can be done using a simple ‘Push to Crowdin’ button.


Now you can integrate your Document360 knowledge base with Drift, a sought after conversational platform to integrate with your website, knowledge bases, or online businesses. The main feature highlight of integrating your knowledge base with a chat application like Drift gives you an additional edge to provide support or answer queries of your customers by searching for and sharing relevant articles from your knowledge base. All this can be done without having to leave the Drift conversation page.

Other improvements

Knowledge base assistant

We have enhanced the already existing In-app assistant on Document360. We now call it the Knowledge base Assistant. All the existing and new functions have been brought under more structured and easily accessible dropdowns. And with the introduction of Localization, users can select and search articles in version and language-level specific knowledge bases. We have also introduced the Custom launcher icon where you can select from a list of icons or also insert your custom icon from any URL. In the user website, the assistant widget is movable and not fixed to a static position.

New and Simplified UI

We revamped our existing User interface (UI) and introduced a better, fluidic, and streamlined controls and menu options. This UI change makes all the relevant functions more accessible and simplifies the project settings. Also, we have revamped the article settings, discussions, view history and we’ve introduced individual article stats.