Document360 updates
Document360 updates

February 2021 - File replace, Version reorder, Fonts option, and more


Release Update



New Feature

File replace

Another important feature update to the Drive is the File replace option. You can replace files of the same extension and type (ex. Jpeg, .pdf, .png, and more) with the same file name and metadata. This comes in handy when you want to update a certain file in an article. To access this, click on the ••• more option adjacent to any file on the Drive. Another way to do this is to click on the file in the Drive page and in the right blade window click on the File replace button. Read more →



  • Few changes have been made for SSO users in our public API Documentation{target="_blank"} under the Teams category
  • You can now Reorder the versions display on your project for readers. In the Settings→ Project Admin→Localization & versions you can use your mouse pointer to drag drop the version vertically.
  • Font options have been added to the Design section of your Knowledge base. Go to Settings → Knowledge base site→ Design. You can now change the Body and heading fonts of your Knowledge base.
  • Control on social media share feature – You can now enable individual social media share option in your Knowledge base articles.
  • The Overview option in the Analytics menu has been renamed to Geography